Attractions in the neighborhood

Szymoszkowa Ski Station

Szymoszkowa Ski Station.

300 m from the place of residence – See the route.

Szymoszkowa Ski Station, with a chair lift to the top of Gubałówka. At its top station there are bars and restaurants with panoramic views. The smaller chairlift, that runs to the middle of the slope, is perfect for beginners. In summer, you can enjoy the geothermal baths on Polana Szymoszkowa.

49.293346, 19.929122
49°17’36.1″N 19°55’44.8″E
Dolina chochołowska

Dolina Chochołowska.

8,5 km from the place of residence – See the route.

The longest of the valleys on the Polish side of the Tatras, is as much as 9 kilometers long and covers an area of over 35 square kilometers. It is located entirely in the area of Witów, in the Kościelisko commune.

49.267394, 19.833162
49°16’02.6″N 19°49’59.4″E


1,4 km from the place of residence – See the route.

Picturesquely towering over Zakopane with a magnificent panorama of the Tatra Mountains. The most popular way to get to the top of Gubałówka is to take the funicular railway. Built in 1938, the railway became a symbol of this place with a characteristic, diagonal carriage. At 3.5 minutes, you can return by it to the center of Zakopane.

49.306442, 19.934794
49°18’23.2″N 19°56’05.3″E
Dolina kościeliska

Dolina Kościeliska.

9,1 km from the place of residence – See the route.

Dolina Kościeliska is a pearl among the Tatra valleys. Views, accessibility, zero degree of difficulty and a multitude of trails mean that, alongside Morskie Oko and Kasprowy Wierch, Dolina Kościeliska is the main destination on the tourist map.

49.250379, 19.866648
49°15’01.4″N 19°51’59.9″E